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Multi Channel CB Mobile Transceiver

Backlight analog instrument for indicating the intensity of the received signal and the transmitted power.
Channel display: Display with blue LED.
Red LED indicator: To alert transmission and antenna not connected (AWI Wrong Antenna Install).
Selectors backlight AM/FM: Radio, automatic squelch (ASQ), audio filter, CB/PA.
Rotary Switches backlight: For the selection of the channel, squelch , RF gain, Mic Gain and Volume
Button for: Automatically scan channels and menu
Selectable backlight: Between blue and red.
Dual Power: 13.8 V/24Vcc.
Output for: Additional trumpet (PA).
Prepared for: *Optional Echo card/Roger Beep.
Microphone connector: 4 PIN.
  DIN standard: Dimension for installation in the dashboard or with bracket.
  Installation: In the dashboard or with bracket (included in package)

 Supplied with:
Hand mic
DC power cable with fuse
Mounting bracket and screws.
DIN bracket
Microphone holder
Transparent/Black/Silver Buttons kit
Kit for customization template.
user manual in English and Italian.

Transmitter: Cristal controlled PLL synthesizer
Receiver: Double conversion, superheterodyne system
Voltage operation: 13.8 Vcc/24Vcc
Dimensions: 178 x 50 x 155 mm (buttons and connectors not included)

Output power: 4W FM/AM
Frequency range: 26.965 ~ 27.405 MHz
Frequency tolerance: ±600 Hz
Modulation sens: 6mV (1.25 kHz input)
Modulation capablity: AM: 85 %
FM: 2 kHz

Sensitivity: AM: 0.5 µV (s/n 10dB)
FM: 0.2µV (sinad 12dB)
Squelch: 1 mV
Automatic Squelch: 0.3µV
Distortion: 3 %
Max power: 4 watt


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