K-PO SPA 8230 23 Ampere Continu


K-PO SPA 8230 23 Ampere Continu

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power pack (SWITCH mode) with small dimensions
Safe function and high RFI stability
High security protected from polarity
Overload with 16.5 V
Temperature rise
Inserted variable ventilator
Input voltage 230 volt V/50Hz.
Output voltage 13.8 V (13.3 – 14.5 V) DC
23 ampere of current load (max. 25 ampere)
Ripple and Noise (p-p) 50 mVs
Condition Bi-colour LED red and green
Large screwable terminal clamps on the back
Cigarette female connector on the front
Dimensions: 181 x 63 x 190 mm Weight: 1.6 kg Color dark grey


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Gewicht 1.00 kg


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