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~~Transceiver PMR446 Portable.
 Semi Professional Model, Compact, IP67, CTCSS, DCS, Vox, Vocal Tuning.
 Audio Accessory Jack 2-Pin, MOTOROLA Wiring.

Midland Introduces the new multi-task transceiver:MIDLAND G15.

 MIDLAND G15 is the new semi-professional radio, operating on the PMR446 band, that guarantees clear communications and durable operations.

 Compact but extremely tough, G15 boasts an aluminum die cast chassis and the compliance to IP67 level, offering total protection from dust and against the effect of immersion in water up to 1m depth for 30 minutes.

 G15 is a very reliable equipment, easy to use and provides clear communications with your partners, even in very noise environments.

 Midland G15 is programmable through its optional programming software: PRG-G15 allows you to increase the performance of your radio or to reduce its functionality by enabling or disabling some features (CTCSS, DCS, TOT, VOX, ROGER BEEP, SQUELCH, VOICE, Emergency…).

 G15, incorporates many features such as the vocal tuning activated by default, SCAN and VOX for hands- free conversations; besides, the high-efficiency 1600mAh Li-Ion battery pack ensures 19 hours of autonomy.

 With its 16 channels (8 PMR446+ 8 pre-programmed), 50 CTCSS tones and 105 DCS codes, Midland G15 is the ideal device for leisure situations but especially for professional users!

◾ PMR 446 Transceiver
◾ PMR446 + 8 pre-programmed channels
◾ Output power: ≤ 500mW
◾ Channel spacing: 12.5KHz
◾ IP67 certified
◾ Vocal tuning
◾ Scan
◾ Monitor
◾ Roger beep
◾ Auto battery save
◾ Squelch
◾ L-type plug, 2 PIN Motorola
◾ Weight: 227gr (battery included)
◾ Dimensions: 105×50×32mm (antenna excluded)

 1 Pc of Transceiver G15.
 1 Pc of Desktop Charger.
 1 Pc of Wall Adaptor.
 1 Pc of Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack (1600mAh).
 1 Pc of Belt Clip.
 1 Pc of Quick Guide in Italian, English, German, French, Spannish, Portugese, Russian and Dutch.


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