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 Antenna CB Base for Indoor Use, Fiber White, Length 150 cm, Power Max 1000 Watts PEP.
Ideal for apartments, homes offices, campsites, job sites or places with outside antenna restrictions.
Comes complete with Whip, Radials, Hub, Coax+Connector UHF-Male (PL-259).
The IBA-5 was primarily designed to be used from the inside of a building or structure. The main user of this product would be a CBer who lives in an apartment or association area that restricts the use of outdoor antennas.
Other uses may include single family residences, offices, and job-sites. The IBA-5 may also be useful to hunters and campers (on the ground or roof of your RV) to establish a temporary communications center.
However, this antenna is not meant to be a replacement for an outdoor base station antenna. If you are allowed to set-up an outdoor base station antenna in your area you will probably benefit from doing so.In most cases the IBA-5 will not out-perform an externally mounted antenna so if you seek maximum performance and are allowed to use an external antenna, we recommend that you do so.
The radiating element is a five-foot Firestik II type antenna with our patented tunable tip mechanism. The core is 3/8 inch fiberglass wound with 19ga double insulated magnet-wire. The antenna base is made of chrome plated 1/2 inch hex brass stock and has standard 3/8-24 threads. The assembly is covered with white PVC shrink tubing.
The hub is a centrally located assembly that allows the antenna, coax and radials to be connected together. It is made up of two 2 circular metal disks, one upper and one lower. The upper disk has the coax and antenna coupling nut attached and the lower disk is used to connect the four ground plane radials. The disks are mounted directly above each other with 3/4 inch stand-offs.
The coaxial cable supplied with the kit is 5,5 meter RG-58A/U. This is high quality, stranded center conductor coax with average shielding in the 95% plus range. A standard PL-259 connector is installed on one end of the coax for connection to the radio. The antenna end of the coax has our exclusive Fire-Ring connector for trouble free operation.
 The ground plane for the IBA-5 is supplied by four (4) 25mm (1 inch) x 76cm (76 inches) flat steel radials. The radials are covered with black PVC shrink tubing and have a protective vinyl tip on the outbound end. At the hub end of the radial, a small hole is placed in order to secure the radials to the hub assembly.
Unfortunately, indoor antennas will not, and can not be expected to radiate energy at high radio frequencies through all metal buildings.
– Whip
– Bare-Hands tunable tip
– Radials (76cm)
– Hub with 5,5 meter RG-58A/U Fire-Flex Coaxial Cable
– Tuning Screws
– Assembly Instructions

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