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Transceiver PMR446 Basis,8CH, 500mW, 38CTCSS, 3 Level Vox, RogerBeep, Scan, Channel Storage 

BASE446 is a PMR446 base station that is free to use in all the countires belonging to the European Union. See the Restrictions on the use chart and also in Turkey, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.
BASE446 can be used as paging system or as wireless intercom station and is compatible with other PMR446 transceivers. It reduced dimensions make it easy and practical to use under any conditions. It can be even hung on the wall, thanks to the hooks on the rear. The fixed telescopic antenna guarantees a good coverage even indoors.
The unit works with 1 battery 9V or by means of the supplied mains adaptor. Base446 allows clear communications thanks to the 38 CTCSS tones, which cancel interference from other users. It can even operate on the same channel with a different CTCSS subaudio tone for the transmission and reception (ex: CH01, channel in use; CTCSS RX tone = 38; CTCSS TX one = 01). Thanks to the CTCSS tone detector, it automatically detects (when monitoring any given channel) the subaudio tone of the transmitting radio.
The VOX function permits hands-free communications while the SCAN feature monitors the busy channels.

Features, Functions and Specifications:
Number of channels: 8
Standard frequencies:
Channel spacing: 12.5KHz
Batteries: 1 alkaline battery 9V
Temperature: -20C a + 55C
Frequency control: PLL synthesized
Frequency stability: +/-2.5PPM
Weight: 270gr(W/O battery)
Dimension: 140 x 110 x 45mm

Sensitivity: 12dB SINAD better than 0.35V
Squelch: automatic
Audio output power: 0.25Watt(max)
Frequency response: 300-3000Hz
Intermediate frequencies: 1st : 21.4MHz-2nd : 0.455MHz

Output power: 500mW ERP
Modulation: FM
Deviation: +/-2.5KHz(max)
Spurious emissions: within European legal terms
Frequency tolerance: +/-2.5PPM(-20C/+55C)
Current drain: <270mA a 9Vdc

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